Self-confidence is our buzzword

We are a completely new digital graphic studio with experience since 2003. For a long time, we were known by the name Dost dobrý design, but in 2018 we changed our name to Protein. We enjoy to deliver self-confidence to your brands. However, working only in graphic form wouldn’t fly. Everything we work with is described in the method CONTENT+FORM. Our clients sell their products throughout Europe and the USA. We work for them in Kladno. We have great experience not only with the consumer segment, we also successfully bring design to the b2b area. We lecture and publish, and are founding members of the Union of Graphic Design. We also organized a conference.

Graphic design must be goal-oriented


Launching a unique project Jaroves of shared identity for the municipalities.


Zdeněk recorded the MoniOnAir podcast.

Launched a new Instagram with lots of design-related videos.

As part of the Pro Chmel project, gentlemen from Plzeňský Prazdroj presented in Tokyo at the global Asahi project competition in May and brought home one of the main prizes.

Zdeněk engaged in co-organizing business networking events. Another way of communication.


A year filled with orders. Created several visual identities for new and existing brands.

Launched a new module for the Plzeňský Prazdroj application. It can generate business offers. Just set the parameters, press the button, and a clear and highly personalized PDF is ready.


In April, the BforB On Air podcast was released, where Kamila Zárychtová interviewed Zdeněk about design.

Our studio's work for Fakt Brno is presented at a press conference, resulting in numerous media outputs. also independently writes about it.

On the last Sunday in June, we took home one of the Fénix Content Marketing awards from Rudolfinum. also writes about our rebranding of the Maron brand.


In spring, Zdeněk speaks at MarketingDay in Ostrava and Pardubice.

At the September MarketingMix in Olomouc, Zdeněk lectures on marketing writing and reading.

In December, Zdeněk becomes an ambassador for another edition of DesignersMixer. His presentation includes the results of a survey among designers, which he organized in the fall with and


At the Marketing Festival lectures we were pleased with the return to the roots of marketing.

Zdeněk lectures at Marketing Mix in Ostrava.

Zdeněk is invited for the fifth time in a row to the jury of the Calendar of the year 2019. It just went wrong this year and Zdeněk had to leave jury as a protest.


Dost dobrý design is now Protein. This is a major change for us. Also for you.

Zdeněk has been invited to sit on the panel of judges for the 2018 Calendar of the Year competition. The panel of judges will meet and announce the results this time in Brno.

Zdeněk has been invited as a guest for two introductory seminars of the CreativeHub project in Prague.

Use of the Partner Prazdroj 2 application has launched in Slovakia.

Zdeněk will again make a presentation with his expert topic at MarketgingMix. How many times so far? PackagingHerald will write a brief notice about it.


Dost dobrý design presented their new website and themes. They displayed their abilities in brand building, sales, and other areas and also the innovative concept of CONTENT+FORM.

Zdeněk was invited to serve as a member of the jury in the Calendar of 2017 competition. The event took place at the well-known graphic school on Hellichova street in Prague. The May announcement was then held at the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Zdeněk gave a short speech as chair of the jury. We repeatedly supported the Marketer of the Year competition, and Zdeněk also handed one of the prizes. It's an established tradition.


Another Marketing Mix took place in Brno and Prague. The main theme of this year is “how to build a brand as such.' The lecture can be seen on video (Czech).

After the statutes were modified, Zdeněk was elected to the presidency of the Union of Graphic Design.

Zdeněk left to shoot video for a client in Latvia.

Zdeněk chaired the jury in the Calendar of the Year competition. As the committee chair, Zdeněk gave a short speech during a ceremony at the Chamber of Deputies in Parliament.

Last year's lectures on Marketing Mix had two unexpected repeats in Ostrava and Hradec Králové.

We have shifted the process towards linking content and form more intensely. We started creating functional web prototypes in UXpin.

This year we also supported the Marketer of the Year, just like last year and the year before.


Zdeněk was invited to become a member of the jury in the Calendar of 2015 competition. He was immediately elected to chair the jury. The event took place at the National Technical Museum.

During the Marketing Mix in Prague and Brno, Zdeněk gives lectures to the audience on how to spot if their company is using a bad logo. The lecture is on video.


The first of the hopefully annual Marketing Mix, the succesor to the Sv#ecaron;t reklamy (World of Advertising) event, took place during the autumn in Prague and Brno. Zdeněk gave a lecture on “how to get the best out of your graphic designer. The lecture is on video. Marketing & Communications, issue 1/2014, and the Typography magazines printed other articles by Zdeněk. The first article is about naming and the other one compares websites and prints. Zdeněk made his first appearance in the accompanying program of the largest Czech trade fair Polygraf Advertising. You would have found him on the list under the name Sven Ekstrøm –, who gave a lecture was about naming.

The Font magazine evaluated the logos of kitchen producers. Our ROTO logo was among them and did well.

Dost dobrý design moved to new premises in the centre of Kladno.


The magazine of the Czech Marketing Company, – Marketing & Communications, issue 1/2013, printed another of Zdeněk's expert articles entitled “Assigning a contract to a graphic studio”.

In its 130th issue, FONT magazine published an article about our redesign of the POLDI logo. After some time, Zdeněk also answered several questions from Typography magazine.

Zdeněk gives a lecture on websites and prints within the accompanying program of the World Advertising Fair in Prague and Brno.

The article “LOGO” is in issue 3/2013 of the magazine of the Czech Marketing Company Marketing & Communications 1/2013. Zdeněk, as a representative of the Czech Marketing Company, participated in a panel discussion at the conference “Customer dialogue” co-organised by the Czech Marketing Company.


The magazine of the Czech Marketing Company – Marketing & Communications, issue 1/2012 published another of Zdeněk's expert articles entitled “How to choose a graphic designer/studio for cooperation”. And in the autumn issue of the same magazine, another article appeared: How to evaluate graphic design.”

Several of our studies were featured in the Union of Graphic Design yearbook.

Zdeněk provided an interview to the Newspapers for the Printing Industry. He also answered, on two occasions, questions from Typography magazine: in issue 6/2012 on the issue of printer propagation, and in issue 12/2012 on the topic of typography across the media.

The lecture and the 26th seminar of the Union of Graphic Design on the subject of communication with the client was led by Zdeněk.

Zdeněk participated in a branding conference with Marty Neumeier as the main guest.

Zdeněk was a part of the CENTRES focus-group project which focuses on creative education.

For the first time, we supported the Marketer of the Year 2010 competition. One of the winners got a graphical tablet.


Zdeněk became a member of the Czech Marketing Company.

Together with his father Milan, he is the subject of a full-page interview with Mladá fronta DNES. Zdeněk's work for the Kladno-based security agency SBS Services appears on the pages of Font magazine.

The magazine of the Czech Marketing Company – Marketing & Communications prints its first article by Zdeněk entitled “Graphic design and graphic designer”. For, he wrote an article about a good logo.

As a part of the accompanying program of the World Advertising Fair in Brno and later in Prague, Zdeněk lectured on the most common typographical errors.

Zdeněk is a member of the jury in the competition for the new destination logo of the Czech Republic, which was listed by the Czech Tourism Agency.

The logo and the visual style of the Sommer&vnuk labels from our studio were shortlisted in the creative competition Gold Stone 2011.

In Milan, as the President of the Union of Graphic Design, participated in a debate on Radio Leonardo.


Zdeněk was a member of the commission for the selection of the web design of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague.

Zdeněk published his article “Design to sell” in SOUP, a mapping publication.


Zdeněk was a member of the selection committee for the selection of the new corporate identity of the political party TOP09.

Three works of Zdeněk were listed in the LOGO book 1989–2008 published by HRaNA.

Zdeněk was quoted by Hospodářské noviny and server

In our studio, we had a rare guest for a four-week internship. Jiří Seger, a Czech-American living in New York, and a graphic designer for Ideas on Purpose studio.


Dost dobrý design was accepted as a member of AČRA. The studio has been in the association for several years.

We won the prize “Winner of the year 2008” in the print category of ACRA Awards for the DHL Campaign “Hive”.


Zdeněk (son) and Milan (father) co-founded the Union of Graphic Design together with 12 other renowned studios. Since then, Milan has served as the President of the Union for almost ten years.

Studio Dost dobrý design incorporated itself. Dost dobrý design® was registered as a trademark. Zdeněk served as a member of the jury of the creative competition iReklama organised by the Union of Publishers, a section of publishers of Internet titles.

At the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague, Zdeněk lectured on the experience of graphic design within small and medium-sized companies at the international workshop EWDS on design support.


After a year of hard work, the studio had 5 members. Dost dobrý design focused on logos, prints, and websites. However, nothing outstanding happened this year.


Zdeněk graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, FSI, Institute of Management and Economics of the Company. He graduated with honours. His diploma thesis dealt with the issue of corporate design in the environment of small and medium-sized companies. Diploma thesis supervisor was Dr Václav Dolanský, translator of the marketing bible “Marketing Management” by Professor Philip Kotler. Right after graduation, he established the Dost dobrý design studio.


Zdeněk begins creating graphic design as a freelancer. This led to the name Dost dobrý design, Czech for Quite good design.