We will create the content and form. At the same time. Content and form influence one another, just as they are influenced together by their context. If we don’t do it, you’ll get two things that don’t function very well together. At the start of each project, we organise a joint workshop. We come to get a grasp on everything. Without this, it would be impossible to even work. But don’t worry about being overwhelmed by paperwork. We are interested in essential contexts, briefly. We take the correct methodological approach, but this probably isn’t of great interest to you.. What’s really important is beautiful results.

Strategy and concept, brands and prisms, basis materials and data, creative assignments, titles and claims, copy, info graphics, website prototypes.

A proposal for graphic design created without genuine content won’t work. It is perfectly treacherous, because it can also be an attractive design. However, such a template can hardly support your goals. This is true for the simple fact that the actual content does not fit into pre-prepared columns.

Whether we work on the concept of the brand or on a solitary proposal, everything needs its own flow. We neither want to overwhelm the viewer nor bore them. We want to impress and convince people. Roughly or gently. Ingrained in memory. We want only good and useful things.

Content is not king – it is God. Content and its layout, when we gradually reveal to the viewer individual parts, cannot be established secondarily or somewhere else. After all, this is the most important thing. The new method in designer thought is called CONTENT+FORM.