Tack potato snacks contain more than 16 % chickpeas. Therefore, they also have plenty of fibre. It’s still a snack, and it’s difficult to talk about Tack as a health food. However, it brings a change for the better to the popular unhealthy food aisle at the supermarket. We created Tack from scratch. Can you hear the crunchiness in the name? We found inspiration for the packaging in the aisle with protein products.

We created the entire brand, its name, logo, style and packaging.

We created the entire brand, its name, logo, style and packaging.

“This cooperation worked out so well the first time. We didn't even want to see anything else.”

Lukáš Nový, general manager


That shiny bit is the nicely exposed aluminium foil base.


About the client

BAG INTERNATIONAL supplies famous snacks made from potatoes, cereals and other ingredients. BAG was first active in the Czech Republic as a distributor of the products of its Italian parent company, BAG SNACKS. Since 1996, however, it has functioned as a direct manufacturer in a production plant near Vidonice and Pecka u Nové Paky. Initially, BAG supplied mainly foreign markets from its Czech factory. Today the factory develops and produces its own snacks under its customers’ private brands as well as its own products for the Czech and European markets. The range of products includes four lines of snacks, from small packages for single servings to large family packages. The new TACK product was produced in a successful test series, and product line expansion is forthcoming.

Tack is

  • Good

    We tried it, and it truly is.
  • Protein-rich

    It’s better than other packaged snacks.
  • Radiant

    Crispiness must even be visible.

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