We use cookies and various tools.

Cookies are small data files the website stores on your computer. This is done by nearly all websites worldwide. Cookies help us determine information such as whether or not you have visited the site before. This ensures that we do not have to bother you every time with this notice about cookies. Cookies can be either temporary or permanent. And they can be deleted, blocked, etc. However, they never identify you personally.

We use classic Google Analytics for visitation data, so that we can see how you arrive at the site and what interests you the most. Statistically. We also use Smartlook for creating heatmaps. This has enabled us to adapt our website so that you can use it better. And we also use Leads, which recognise from what type of company you are visiting our site. And truly only companies, and far from all of them. It truly does not identify your personal data. However, if you are a director, then we will attempt to guess it. We would like to remind you if we notice that our website has truly impressed you. If you want to find something out on your own about the visitors to your own websites, simply ask us how to use these tools.

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