Arcade games

Here people in their thirties, forties and fifties can return to their childhood. Arcade games are a bit like a museum, but don’t expect history. The arcade game hall Arcadehry is located a short distance from Prague in a restored building with functioning arcade games. Cathode ray screens with video games shine in the darkness. a couple of years ago we helped create the brand and now the second website in neon colours.

We have prepared the logo, visual style and two generations of the website.

We have prepared the logo, visual style and two generations of the website.

“Originally we only wanted to deal with the web using practical tasks. Then it became a show.”

Jan Orna, owner and director

Arcade games
Arcade games

The site has a calendar, a catalogue of games and event reservations.

When the neon lights surround you, it’s like nothing else in the world.

Arcade games

About the client

Arcadehry is the largest arcade game room and museum in Central Europe. It is a private attraction. Jan Orna began collecting arcade game machines in 2004, and he had enough to open the museum in 2011. At present there are approximately 170 games that can be played. And all of the machines work. Be sure to bring a pocketful of coins! Some video games are older than visitors themselves. The oldest machine was made in 1972. It is the original Pong game from Atari with production number 00033. It is a gem of European importance. Some of the games later became digital models. The game machines mainly come from Europe, the United States and Japan. Recently, the game room and museum have been visited by around ten thousand players annually. Check out the website for opening times. Come and play.

Arcade games are

  • Glowing

    Colour lights blinking in the middle of darkness are essential.
  • Players

    It serves a bit for instruction, but mainly for entertainment.
  • Fans

    This type of entertainment has many fans.
2011 and 2016

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